The Spirit

The Spirit

I wander through woods and canyon walls for Zen and compositional titillation. I embark upon journeys with concepts to explore and understand. I find my place in Nature and indulge in my process. I sink into the sounds, the scents, sights, and the silence.

All art is abstract in nature. It is an inquiry into the interplay of lightness and darkness that exists in Nature and ourselves. Art is the study of the transformation of one into the other; the eternal journey of love, death, conflict, and harmony.

As such, every painting is an ARTIFACT. It is ART; it is subjective, ambiguous, a symbolic and nearly nonsensical entity. It is FACT; or an attempt at one- a claim about the state of things. And I am in the center. am a membranous medium that light enters, that universal forces act upon and emanate from. I metabolize and interpret. I compose paint in attempt to summate the grandeur.

Keeping this in mind, I embrace every painting as a study of my self. Art is an exploration of who I am, what beckons me, where focus wanders, what I find beautiful, and how I wish to express this. Creation is a deeply meditative act.

I love this life and I hope to inspire a deeper sense of love in a deeper part of you.

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