The Artist

The Artist

I'm a devout lover of life. 

Painting landscapes out in the wild is my passion.

I am from Homestead, Florida, and am the second son of two beautiful people who met thanks to Hurricane Andrew. I grew fruit trees, taught painting classes, and attended University when Covid hit. As the story goes, "one day everything changed." Wanting to experience the world, the chaos and perfection, I modified my car and nomaded the country. I experienced so much in that year. The cliffsnotes: I explored amazing places, met amazing people, and created paintings everywhere I went.

Along my journey, I felt drawn to Kolob Canyon to paint its majesty. From there, I ventured into the town of St. George, Utah, to watch the sunset atop a nice rock. Here I met my roommates; fellow life-loving creatives who invited me into their beautiful lives. It has been two years. I am nearly complete with a BFA at Utah Tech University. I share artwork at markets and my home studio (open by appointment). I explore and paint the diverse beauty of my new home.

You just might find me painting flash floods in Zion while my roommates frame up their photographs... Or perhaps at our house for Wednesday night jam-night.

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