The Art

The Art

Art is a way of life. I observe gratefully and seek understanding in everything. Primarily, I compose oil paintings out doors, merging adventure with creation. However, I work everywhere, with every medium I can (particular fascination with oil, chalk & charcoal, ink, gouache, clay, wood, photoshop, photography, even drumming & dance). I feel called to create, always.

My obsession is painting rare moments in beautiful places. I summit mountains and explore canyons in thunderstorms storms for these opportunities. I traveled America for a year, painting environments and experiences, learning from artists along the way. I sought out private studios, university professors, and galleries. They guided my vision, to see and paint new places like a local. This non-attachment to style, location, nor modality, fostered a great mindscape for quick and keen learning.

My community, and my role in it, also play paramount part in my fulfillment. Observing and artistically interpreting the creative people in my life is a compulsive passion. Wherever creativity erupts, I am there, drawing everyone. I have beautiful friends with insane musical abilities that I am drawn to draw often. Creating artifacts like these echo inspirational moments forward. These drawings recall viewers to their experiences and epiphanies, revivifying their creative breakthroughs.

It feels like pulling back the slingshot that propels the creative process.

Art is magic.

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