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Steven Anzardo

Welcome to the Beginning -SOLD-

Welcome to the Beginning -SOLD-

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This big blue metamorphic visual scenario was last year's mental exploration after breaking some ribs and experiencing some heart ache. I resolved and overcame plenty! Life is good.

This 2'x3' painting is crafted completely from reclaimed wood from the bar I work at. The panel of the painting itself, to the wood I milled to construct the frame.

-Sold- Thank you, Ryan! I am so glad this piece resonates deeply with you, brother.

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Gouahce Paintings

A year of exploring America- living out of a car, summiting mountains, loving life, making gouache & watercolor paintings along the way.

My travel sketchbook moments are available as prints on watercolor paper.

Oil Paintings

I hike my studio out into the wild and paint what I see. I build my panels and frames to create artwork of places that I love.

All work is AVAILABLE! Let's get a painting to your home!

Message me: / (305)440-6710